What Does Esperanza Tell Us Her Name Mean?

House on Mango Street
Sandra Cisneros
Nov. 1, 2017
Miranda Spitler

The House on Mango Street
Section 1 Pages 3-27
"My Name"
1. What does Esperanza tell us her name means? Based on this, what can you infer about how Esperanza views herself? Esperanza tells us her name means hope in English and her name in Spanish means too many letters. Based on this I can infer that Esperanza likes the way her name is pronounced in Spanish, but not in English.
2. How does her culture view women? Make sure you use an example to support your point. Her culture views women like they are very important. And us women are important. In the story, it talks about how Esperanza was inspiring and how it was an honor to “get” her name.
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Why would Esperanza state, "I have inherited her name, but I don't want to inherit her place by the window"? Esperanza doesn’t want to inherit her place by the window because she doesn’t want to become sad and worried. It says, “
5. Why does Esperanza want a new name? What is she really trying to tell us about herself? She wants a new name because in Spanish it means sadness and waiting. She is trying to tell us she isn’t sad and that her name means sadness but she won’t be
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Almost everyone wants to have a successful life. Whether you want to be a police officer or doctor, you want to be something in life. But being the thing you want to be isn’t always easy. My home is in Warren, Indiana. It has two stories (not counting the basement), it has a garage too. I’m blessed that I have a house and parents who can afford to buy my needs and wants. My dream home is to have a two-story home (counting my basement).
The House on Mango Street
Section 2 Pages 28-48

1. What event is Esperanza attending and why would this be a "good day" for her?
Esperanza is attending a baptism. This would be a good day for her because she is getting new clothes. Also, she is witnessing someone getting baptized in Jesus’s name.
2. How is the mood spoiled and, once again, how does this make Esperanza feel? The mood is spoiled by her Uncle “lying” that she is the prettiest girl there. This makes Esperanza feel sad that her uncle is lying and realizes her shoes are ordinary.
3. Who cheers her up, how do they do this, and how does this make her feel?
Her uncle cheers her up by telling her she is the most beautiful girl here.
4. The last line explains what made her feel even better. Why would this have an impact on

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