Descriptive Essay - Glances Never Give You The Whole Story

807 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Glances never give you the whole story. Glances give you a snapshot of the whole picture, without perceiving anything deeply rooted. Glances are a trick. You can’t glance at two people and ascertain if they are family or not just because they don’t appear to have the same qualities. If two people aren’t made up of the same DNA, it does not mean they cannot be considered family. Family can’t be determined from scrutiny under the lens of a microscope. My grandfather and I have an exceptional relationship. In the picture located on the left, I am shown at a young age sitting in his lap with my tiny arms clinging around his arm, while his other playfully attacks my leg with tickles. Our smiles are stretched wide and laughter appears as if bouncing off of the walls. I can almost hear my girly giggles and his hearty chuckles. At a glance, it would be correct to infer that he was my grandpa and that I his granddaughter. You would never speculate that we in fact are not in relation to one another. As a definition of relation, I mean the blood rushing through our veins was not of the same, not even a minute percentage. My grandfather is married to my grandma, who is related by blood to me on my mother’s side. My mother’s biological parents marriage ended in divorce while my mom was still a high schooler, and my grandmother married my present grandpa years later. They were married way before I was a conceivable thought. Technically, he is my grandfather through marriage, or in…

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