Descriptive Essay - Getting Off The Plane

1321 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Getting off the plane, I felt like an adult for a moment. This defining moment of freedom and solitude made me realize I could go anywhere and do anything. When I arrived in my country, Uzbekistan, for my sister’s wedding, reconnecting to my past became more meaningful. Nostalgic memories were transitioning into new memories: climbing trees, picking fruits and playing jumpsies with my friends, until it got dark and I had to go home. Although, these moments still define my childhood, everything was different. My country was becoming urbanized and the first thing I noticed when I arrived was there were hardly any trees symbolizing change. I didn 't see many kids playing outside or hear the yelling man on his bicycle selling ice cream. My friends and I used to chase after him, after we rushed to get money from our parents when we heard him from a mile away. My friends were different, they carried themselves in a mature way making it more difficult for me to relate to them. Some of them were even engaged because they were expected to follow an established norm, which is to marry as early as 18. Their hobbies were cooking food and sewing dresses, while mine were playing video games and watching TV shows. This reflected the different stages of life we were in, even though we were the same age.
In my country, I spent most of the days at home because of weather conditions. It was mostly sunny outside and the electricity would go off at 9 every night when my favorite TV show…

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