Descriptive Essay For My Father

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I have always dreamed of having a perfect man ever since I watched High School Musical and saw Troy Bolton (Zac efron) I was sure I was in love. I'm sure every other girl can relate; tall, popular, is good at sports, and most importantly handsome. If you want all these things in your guy you'll be in love. Of Course you want a better guy than all your friends so they're jealous. Let's stop dreaming now and actually think about this. For me I want a man thats a decent human being and is not rude. I think my parents can semi agree too.
Now let's be real and stop dreaming. For my future husband I would like him to be funny. Having good humor is a huge key because laughing makes me happy and life is too short to boring. I also would like
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If they hatted him i'm sure they would tell me that he's not the right one for me. My dad would be more protective than my mom would but that's just because im daddy's little girl and his only girl. A few traits my dad would want would be honesty, and I agree with him. The younger you are the more likely your significant other is to lie to you and if he cheats or something and lies about it, it's not looking good for them. My dad also thought he should be helpful. Lastly my dad thought he should be ambitious. Now my mom she's a little different than my dad but my mom's answers and mine were quite alike. The first thing she said was good humor. Next she said affectionate. I didn't even think about my future husband should be affectionate but it's definitely a must! Finally she said adventurous. I think she put adventurous because I would be down to go on spontaneous trips like camping and other outdoors stuff. I love going to the lake and swimming so if we could share the same interests in that way it would be even …show more content…
I thought my dad would say good humor because he's a big jokester himself. I also thought he would say active, my dad really cares about all we do and he always says you need to find someone that can tolerate your activeness. I don't ever like to sit around. If I come home from swim practice and have nothing i'll go back and swim and then swim later than night. I always am wanting to make myself better than i already am in everything school and sports. Some trates my mom said were the same. I thought she would say adventurous and good humor, altho that was not the case. I thought she would say kind and caring because she always talks about even if someone's not nice to you you need to be kind to them and i'm sure she would want my future husband to be

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