Descriptions And Characteristics Of The Norwegian Lundeler

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10. Lancashire Heeler. Though it looks like a wolf with its pointy ears and eyes, the Lancashire Heeler is just a small dog breed. They were developed to be used as herder and drover of cattles. No matter what the weather is, the Lancashire Heeler stays dry because it has an undercoat that helps keep it dry. In general, the Lancashire Heeler is a great companion because they are intelligent, friendly and alert. However, they can be lazy and really loud at times due to their energy level. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years and they are prone to suffer Collie eye anomaly, persistent papillary membranes, and primary lens luxation.
11. New Guinea Singing Dog. This dog breed was named such because they have unique vocalization. Just like wolves, the New Guinea Singing Dogs are also wild. Hence, little is known about their nature and how they act on their natural habitats. However, those who were
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Norwegian Lundehund. The Norwegian Lundehund was developed primarily for the purpose of puffins and egg hunting. Though considered as a small breed of Spitz, they look like wolf due to their pointed ears and muzzles. They usually weigh 6-7 kg and has a height of only 12-16 inches. One of the best characteristic of this Lundehund is izts ability to squeeze itself in narrow passages since it has a great range of motion. They also have unique number of toes per foot considering that they normally have six toes instead of the regular four in dogs.
14. Saarloos Wolfdog. The Saarloos Wolfdog was named such after its creator, Lendert Saarloos, a Dutch breeder. Saarloos crossbred a German Shepherd to a European wolf. The Saarloos Wolfdog is well-reserved, cautious about people and things, and they have no skill to ferociously attack like their wolf ancestors. They are large dogs and weighs up to 45 kg with a height up to 30 inches. They also have an elegant march as well as a good coat that are short and dense which makes it a good protector from any weathers for

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