Description Of The Setting ( S ) Essay

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Description of the Setting(s)
For my first two hours on November 1st 2016 I was at the great-grandmother’s house and for my second observation on November 2nd 2016 for the following two hours in order to get four hour in total was at his grandmother’s house. The first day it was form 9am until 11am. The main people that was present on this day was his great-grandmother, his grandmother and 2 aunts. And on the second day it was from 12pm until 3:30 pm and his grandmother, my mom, and his cousin were there.

Description of the Child
This is a brief, general description of the child based on your observations and interviews. The infant that I observed name was Mason and he was born on November 11, 2015. He was born premature (one month before due date; grandmother was the source) it is a single parent home and he does have an older brother.

Domains Observed/Assessed

Sensorimotor (Physical and Motor Development)
Describe the physical characteristics of the child you observed, gross and fine motor development including. Baby Mason controls his body very well he can sit up just fine all by himself with no help. He can move around quickly especially crawling. When he approaches his grandmother he grabs onto her to pick him up. Or he would put out his arms to me when he wants to be held. He can grab and hold on tightly to a toy that he is playing with and have a good grip onto it to not let it go, he would even toss or throw them sometimes but not in an aggressive way. When…

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