Description Of The Hunting Camp Essay

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The Hunting Camp From 2006 until 2010 my father, uncle, and I were all members of a hunting club. Although we were there to hunt, it was likely the smallest aspect of the trip. We spent more time around a campfire than we did in any tree stand. The camp, for me anyways, was broken into three major areas: the hunting grounds, the campgrounds, and the camper itself. It was in these places that I have some of my fondest memories that I enjoy revisiting. It was quite enjoyable for years, then for various reasons they allowed dog running and it completely changed the entire hunting camp. Dog running is where trained dogs are released to chase deer, hogs, and sometimes turkey from where they were to where the hunter is. It really ruined the land for most of the hunters. To the confusion of many, the hunting ground is where I spent the least amount of time while at the hunting camp. There were 1,750 acres of land to hunt. It was mostly pine trees, as the ground was leased from a timber farm. Nice, orderly pine trees that were lined up like soldiers in formation flanked either side of the Georgia clay roads. Scouting was probably my favorite activity in the hunting ground. Between hunting seasons we would be spend days walking and observing. Eyes were held wide open looking for scraped trees; rutted up soil, hoof prints, or small piles of scat. Even when paying attention and looking for scat, it always seemed most likely to end up on the bottom of a shoe, to my constant confusion.…

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