Gwendolyn Alleyne School Narrative

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P.S 152; Gwendolyn Alleyne School is an elementary school located in Woodside, NY and is one of 26 elementary schools in New York City Geographic District #30. It is a public school that serves 1397 students in grades PK through 5. The school is surrounded by mostly local businesses and residential houses but covers the block on its own. The school has three separate buildings that are painted in earth tone color and a huge yard along with a small play park for the children. The school entrance has an engraved portrait of Gwendolyn Alleyne, the first principal of the school accompanied by a huge welcome sign. Though the appearance is welcoming, the huge red entrance doors are usually locked, but one that leads its visitors to the security desk …show more content…
X and Ms. Y to be coordinated. They had their materials well labeled and organized throughout the classroom. Their desk area also appeared organized. Ms. Y shared with me that both Ms. X and herself begin their school day one hour before the students arrive. This schedule allows them to plan for the day ahead. The classroom was large but functional. There were twenty eight students in the class. The seating arrangement consisted of 4 sets of grouping desks as the teachers had 4 groups of 7 students to an area. This set up offered several benefits including encouraging collective learning, building a sense of class community, and making the best use of the space. This also helped each table group to have their own set of materials and books. All of the supplies students needed stay together and they were in charge of keeping up with their own stuff. There was a basket for finished work on the shelves. The teachers’ desk was located in a corner from where they were able to observe all the happenings inside the classroom. There was a SMART board in the classroom. There was ample cubby space, one for each student to place personal items such as a coat or backpack. The classroom had a rug on the floor, which was theme appropriate and colorful. It acted as a center in the classroom, where the students got some of their instructional time. The rug made the room feel more homey and comfortable. The class bulletin board was used as a supplementary teaching tool by displaying assignments, holidays, test dates, decorating for the seasons. It was also used to incorporate a theme by months of the academic

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