Essay about Describe And Analyze The Judicial Branch

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17. Describe and analyze the Judicial Branch. In Article Three of the Constitution, the framers included a section concerning the nationalizing of a new governmental power and a necessity to check “radical democratic impulses”. Most importantly, they stressed the requirement to prevent the new national government from impeding on the principles of liberty and property. Article Three basically created a United States supreme court. They did not want to award total power over the national government to the court, so they granted the Supreme Court the right to settle any conflicts between state and federal laws. The Supreme Court also had control over inter-state controversies and this provision led to an advanced national economy that relied on the federal judiciary instead of the state courts. The president appointed the judges and the Senate approved them. These judges were supposed to protect them from interference from the other courts. However, the judiciary did not remain completely impartial. Congress was also granted the power of judiciary review, to scrutinize the power of the courts, declare actions if necessary and change the jurisdiction of the federal courts. Judiciary review was eventually administered to the Supreme Court.

18. Analyze the importance of national unity and power. The Founders have addressed several provisions in the Constitution regarding the involvement of national power and unity. The Constitution expresses concern with national…

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