Describe A Leadership Experience From A Rotary Club At The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

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1. Describe a leadership experience you had that was meaningful to you.

My math teacher, Ms. Perry, nominated me to be the Crofton Delegate for the International Rotary Club at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). The conference took place February 13th -15th. It was an intense 3-day leadership-training program that was “designed to recognize, encourage, and further develop the leadership skills of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students who have shown a potential for rendering important services to their schools and communities”. On the first day we were randomly put into teams of 5 that we would learn with, and compete against other teams. Throughout the weekend we were given speeches on conflict resolution, presentation skills and leadership development.
The whole conference was centered on the SHAREFAIR, in which each group is given an opportunity to use what they have learned throughout the course of the weekend and present a community service project that they have designed. My group’s idea was forming a club called “Mental Illness Interacts” that would help provide support to students suffering through depression and anxiety. My group ended up placing 1st in the SHAREFAIR and the overall competition. This experience gave me insight as to how develop my leadership skills to their maximum potential. Through RYLA, I was able to work together with students from all walks of life, and feel the joy that comes with seeing hard work pay off.


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