Descartes: The Differences Of The Body And Body

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One of the main differences that sets the body and mind apart are the qualities they hold. Descartes sees material bodies as spatial, material qualities, and public, and minds as nonspatial, distinctively mental qualities, and private (Cartesian Dualism). These terms to describe them are opposite of each other which then could explain how it is so hard to connect the mind and body as they are exact opposites. It is hard to see how two things are so different somehow work together. The body is something that humans have been studying for centuries; it is purely physical and is something that can really be seen with the human eye and tested easily. The mind is not as easy to actually study because every person is different. A mind is also not physical and can been seen or tested, it is private as Descartes would say. This leaves a lot of room for mistakes when people study the interaction between the two. Theorizing between the mind and body is highly fallible and that is why there is so much disagreement throughout it. Parts of it, can actually be made sense of logic. …show more content…
The five sense include sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Sometimes these senses from without our minds cause physical things to happen, but physical things can also cause our minds to release emotions. For example, when someone touches a hot pan, the nerves within the hand send pain sensors to your brain; after the brain realizes the pain and makes your brain and mind think it hurts, and releases tears. This directly shows how the physical and mental sides are connected. Emotions are within your mind more or less and come out in a physical way. This can also work with other senses, like when something is sad, it makes people

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