Dermatologist 's : A Dermatologist Essay

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Dermatologist - A dermatologist must be consulted to review my recipes on people and test out their safety. They are able to provide me advice on how to improve the recipe or how to ensure the product is safe for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, I will have a back-up in case the product does not work for the consumer, I am able to say confidently that the item was tested by a dermatologist and that is a credited item. The dermatologist will be highly experienced in the business area I am investing into and can insure me whether or not my product meets the Australian guidelines. Furthermore, the consumers are more likely to trust the product if they see that it has been dermatologist tested, this resulting in more sales. It is always important to have a second opinion on the product and this is exactly the role they are able to do for me. If the product passes with full safety after a range of tests, I will have a someone with a Ph.D endorsing my product meaning this a huge achievement and success.
Public Relations/Social Media Advisor - The role of the public relations mentor or social media advisor is extremely vital as my company is relying on being 100% online therefore I need to have a very good social media presence. They could help me gain followers and drum up hype for the brand, the success of their job could either make or break the company. I would be able to gain invaluable advice on how to make a good social media posting and to create a difference in…

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