My Journey In Occupational Therapy

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There is a profound moment that happens when a person joins his or her talents with driving passion, and purpose is found. The past few years have proved to be a journey towards this moment. I desired an outlet where I could develop personal relationships with people, challenge myself and others, implement creativity, and operate in compassion on a daily basis. I am grateful for the moment that I discovered this outlet, which is occupational therapy.

My introduction to occupational therapy began after my grandfather suffered a stroke. In the years that followed, I witnessed his journey from depending on another person to dress himself, to only requiring assistive equipment, such as a sock aid and button hook that he had been trained to use. I observed how rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility not only helped him regain muscle strength and range of motion, but it also helped him regain hope of an independent, productive lifestyle. I began doing more research into the profession by not only reading about it, but also speaking with multiple occupational therapists to learn about the ways it is challenging, dynamic, and rewarding.
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Throughout the patient’s sensory integration therapy, I was encouraged by the progress they were making towards a decrease in anxiety and an increase in confident and successful exploration. I was also inspired while creating bulletin board for the clinic, which included a number of testimonies from parents on how their child has benefited from therapy. By observing, reading testimonies, and hearing testimonies first-hand, I knew that I wanted to be someone who could contribute to a person’s life in such a special way. That experience confirmed my decision to pursue this

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