The Silence And Invisibility Of Public Relations

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Public relations is defined as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” (About Public Relations). I am a public relations major and I am interested in what Public Relations does and what it embodies.
There are stories about those who work in public relations under big companies, such as BP Gas and Exxon. During the major oil spills crisis, the CEO of both companies explained the reason for the oil spills, however, they did a poor job representing the companies. With the oil spill crisis public relations was at fault for the CEO’s mess-up in both of the companies. Public relations has to make sure that everything said by anyone from the company is good and speaks favorable on the comapnies behalf. When the CEO’s messed up for the companies most people turn to public relations to fix or prevent what the CEO’s said. In the public relations field, individuals are making and modeling the face of the company or organization.
Public relations is background people who keep the company going. They have to talk to the reporters and remember what is right to say. When I was talking to a PR person at Otterbein University, she told me that you always have to
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This article was able to look at how public relations is a silence and background job that does not get notice a lot of the time. In this article the author, Roumen Dimitrov says in the introduction about and tell the audience what the article is about, “Through this paper, I would like to provoke a discussion about the role of silence and invisibility in public relations.” ( Dimitrov 636). I thought that this was interesting that the author would write the thesis in the first sentence. I believe that this journal is more for someone who is in the public relations

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