CSR Is An Integral Part Of An Organization

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The public relations (PR) practitioner is an integral part of an organisation. To ensure a company or organisation gets the best out of their target audiences, they have to organise and strategise their operations in a way that obtains the best positive attention. To do so, they use PR. The duty of PR is to safeguard reputation, deal with emergencies, and fabricate a consistent image for the organisation at hand. ‘Public relations’ is a broad title with plenty alternate names, however is described by the PR Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) as “the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audiences” (Reference pr book refrencing PRINZ). Target audiences are …show more content…
These parts are a co-ordinated effort that changes with different constraints and pressures. A system that is a great way for an organisation to become respected by the public is to take on the ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) system. CSR is a form of PR which prescribes that if an organisation takes on a social responsibility, it could result in a boost in reputation, make up for damage the organisation may cause etc. With the eco-friendly mind-set on the rise, it has become an essentiality for organisations to incorporate and sustain CSR; “In a world of changing expectations, companies must account for the way they impact the communities and environment where they will operate” (Bartels. W, 2008, as cited in Gordon, 2011, p. 305). A PR practitioner must be familiar with how CSR can affect an organisations reputation as it is used to sustain communications between an organisation and its publics; it is not a just publicity stunt. Ethical guidelines, truthfulness and planning are needed to be involved in CSR. An example of CSR would be Anglian Water, a company that distributes water to many consumers in England. To keep a good reputation and a quality product continuous, Anglian Water partnered with organisations, charities, and hired volunteers to organise a mass tidying up of the river where they source water from. This enhanced their product, and gave the company an eco-friendly appearance. Anglian Water’s responsibility is to check with all of the organisations at hand to make sure everything is flowing, the needs are met and that there is a plan for the near future. CSR goes hand in hand with involving publics, and establishes mutual understanding between the organisation and it publics through interaction. To gain extra publicity, they collected the abandoned shopping trolleys from the rivers and turned them into art sculptures. This campaign encouraged people of the public to involve

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