Depression The Example Used Will Be Jessica Rosales Essay

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For this psychological topic of depression the example used will be Jessica Rosales (sister). She is a very nice sister but like almost everyone in the family she is not the most outgoing person. In fact she has maybe a few friends of 2 or 3 which for her age [12] which is strange, even though she is in that stage where she is more self-conscious and thinks she is being watched by everyone she should still try to look for friends with the same interest as her. She is a identical twin and sometimes the question comes up of maybe she feels pressured to be more like her since the other twin has more friends and is more outgoing. Or sometimes if making friends, school and other activities would be easier because they always have each other. They do not have to go through that awkward moment of meeting other people by themselves. Then there is the fact she is kind of different from her sister. Then there is that she might think it is rather hard for her because she does think no one will understand her right now and her likes and hobbies she has. There was a point where she would sit alone in the dark either reading books or watching videos but she would not interact with anyone.Before anyone could have imagined that she would have depression there was a slight thought that I had before anyone that there might be something wrong with her.
Depression is a psychological disorder where a person feels gloom, empty, and despair. Everybody has those types of days and it usually goes…

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