How Does Depression Affect My Life

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For as long as the human race has existed, a person has learned to adapt to certain situations. When it comes to growing up, a person must learn the effects of certain situations or circumstances in order to avoid harm. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Emotions can greatly effect a person’s whole being. It can drive a person to do the unthinkable and distort their reasoning. One of which is depression. A person's thoughts, a person's actions, and a person's perspective on life can be affected by depression gravely.
When the effects of depression takes root in your mind or thoughts, it is can be very subtle. The effect starts out small and simple, to where you are completely unaware of its presences. When you do realize what it has done to your mind, most likely, it’s too late. There has been a long period of my life where I have experienced this. The mental process of a human can be very weak and vulnerable. At first it felt like simple day to day paranoia, but it took a devastating turn for the worse when my mind became unstable and
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To you, everything is horrible and condescending. Everything around you seem to lose its worth and life doesn’t seem worth living. People seem to be crueler and you start to focus more on the negative aspect of life rather than the positive. It becomes much more difficult to carry out your daily life as you slowly lose motivation to do so. This results in loosing contact with your friends and family. Your aspect of life becomes biased and unsound.
So to round this all up, emotions, especially depression can have horrible effects on your life. It toys with your mind for you to think the worse. This leads to you taking actions that could harm you and becomes an obstacle in your life. And finally, it effects your perspective of life. Life slowly seems less encouraging and you slowly fall away from your family, your friends, and even

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