Essay about Depression By Andrew Solomon : Depression

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Andrew Solomon believes that depression, a major obstacle faced by many people in today’s society, can change people in a positive way. Solomon believes that people suffering from severe depression can get help from professionals, friends, and family, but only the individual can cure themselves from their depression. Solomon describes this philosophy in his essay, Depression.
Being a sufferer of depression, Solomon tactfully makes his argument, as not to suggest that being depressed is the fault of individual with depression. He understands that depression results from the human mind responding to bad situations and tragedies, and being unable to recover from the grief or guilt over a long period of time.
The most important point that Solomon makes in his argument is that, while depression is often categorized as a chemical disorder in the brain, and thus not an intrinsic part of one’s personality. However, since someone’s personality is essentially a chemically-based mechanism in and of itself, a depression causing disorder would essentially be a component of their very being. Solomon used an example like this during a speech at a TED conference in 2014: If someone is suffering from brain cancer, and they claim to make themselves feel better by hanging upside down for a minute every morning, they will still have brain cancer and will likely still die from it. If a person is suffering from depression and they perform the same action to make themselves feel…

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