The Robin Williams Effect: Could Suicides Follow Star's Death?

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Oscar winner and star of modern classics like Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets, stood Robin Williams who was an American actor and comedian who established a career in both standup comedy and film acting. He spent his life making people smile, but behind all of that was a man suffering from depression and paranoia. He was an iconic, talented and beloved figure known for his easily recognizable character that always made people laugh. He starred in 81 films and 27 TV series, two of which we all love and carry great memory with, Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. Unfortunately, the only thing society has left of him is his great sense of humor and the ability to watch his films and TV shows because on August 11, 2014 in Paradise Cay, California, …show more content…
As stated in the article “The Robin Williams Effect: Could Suicides Follow Star’s Death” by Linda Carroll, “whenever someone famous commits suicide, experts worry that media coverage might be the spark that sends other to try and solve a temporary problem with an all too permanent, and tragic solution.” This is important to do so those individuals who hold that one-sided relationship with him, or feel as though they identify with the celebrity know that suicide can be avoided and that there are people out there that they can reach out too for help in regards to their problems and their pain. Robin Williams’s death impacted society, but also impacted the way people think they can end their problems, which relays back to the issue of how social media and technology can have an negative impact on the announcement of a death. With regards to Mr. Williams’s death, it should have been noted that suicide is a permanent decision that affects anyone and everyone that person touches, for what is known as a temporary problem that can and will be solved over time. It has been over a year since Robin Williams took his life, but his death remains a cultural touchstone. He was and still is a vivid presence for family and …show more content…
The older generation knows him for his stand up days from the 70’s, as well as his amazing performance in Good Morning Vietnam. The next generation knows him for voicing the genie in Aladdin. Robin Williams created a sense of wonder and anarchy with his vocal talents, he was a part of a good majority of people’s lives by what he did, shared and provided to us through films, TV shows and stand up comedies. Most of all, he was a man who made millions of people smile, which is a huge accomplishment in today’s world. He connected with so many people, people of which he had never even met. The Huff Post states “the tragic death gives birth to compassionate understanding among those willing to learn about the causes of suicide and perhaps prevent it for some other struggling individual in the future.” The article also states that because his death impacted so many people, scientists sometimes call this issue the “butterfly effect.” His death, struggle, and reactions have captured international attention because a number of people in today’s society can relate to his battle (“A Butterfly Effect of the Life and Death of Robin

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