Deodorannt Essay

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Antiperspirant/deodorants are used to reduce underarm wetness and control body odor. These products are made by blending active ingredients with waxes, oils, and silicones and molding the mixture into stick form. …show more content…
NIVEA DEODORANT AQUA COOL with its Cool-Care Formula offers the real confidence of effective 24h regulation of perspiration with a kick of freshness.

4.5. SPINZ
Spinz perfumed deodorants are made exclusively for the women of today, keeping her feeling fresh and active throughout her hectic day. It is safe to use and does not leave stains. Exotic and Enchante are the two perfumed variants filled with a fragrance that lasts for a long time. The new Hip-Hop variant comes with a sporty fragrance while Salsa comes with a romantic sweet fragrance. The spinz girl is around18-26 years old, fun-loving and filled with endless energy.
Spinz is fast becoming known for its innovation. From the shape of the pack to the quality of the fragrances, Spinz ensures that it keeps up with the demands of modern and young India.

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In hot countries, such deodorants are promoted which last long and have a mild fragrance. DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION
Age constitutes a major factor in the segmentation of deodorants. Different deodorants are targeted for different age groups like Spinz deodorant has been targeted for the age group of 18-26.
Family life cycle based segmentation means whether it is targeted for married people, teenagers or young.
Gender based segmentation is the most important in deodorants as the needs of males and females in this concern are varied. Females like refreshing, mild and sweet fragrances while males go for strong ones.
Income based segmentation is done where employed people spend more on their grooming and hence constitute a good market for deodorants, unlike those who fall in the lower income group and are satisfied with any cheap deodorant. PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION
Lifestyle constitutes the basis of psychographic segmentation where different lifestyles demand different varieties. BEHAVIORAL

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