Dentistry: Personal Statement

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“Hey Joe! Would you like to try to stitch these?” I can still vividly remember the thrilling moment when Dr. Brown approached me and asked if I would like to do a stitch on a patient. As I followed Dr. Brown’s example and made the stitch, I felt like an artist putting the final brush strokes onto a masterpiece.
While assisting in dental procedures like these, I am often reminded of my childhood when I would take apart gadgets and try to fix them or build new things from them. Curiosity and intrigue were the basis of such actions and are qualities that I still carry into adulthood. Similarly, the natural sciences were something that also awoke my curiosity and passion. Not only did I do well in these subjects during my education but most of
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I started to volunteer at the Allan Saxe Dental clinic to learn more about the field of dentistry. Soon after my first time volunteering, I gave dentistry a realistic thought and began volunteering at the clinic frequently thereafter. I began developing an interest and curiosity in the intricacies of dentistry similar to what I had with the natural sciences. A particular aspect of dentistry that caught my attention was the hands-on approach taken to treat patients which many other health professions lacked. This along with the ability to spend time and communicate with the patients on a personal level drew me closer to dentistry. I responded to my curiosity by shadowing and speaking to dentists on the different aspects of the profession. Also, I assisted dentists in performing a range of procedures from extractions to cleanings, which deepened my understanding of the brilliance of Dentistry. After months of volunteering and much thought, I had finally decided in pursuing dentistry as a profession. I came to understand that Dentistry would not only allow me to work with my hands but would also allow me to apply science and my passion for helping others onto a more advanced level. Furthermore, I realized that extensive opportunities within dentistry would allow me to combine my interests I have developed over the …show more content…
Like them, I could not afford proper dental care while growing up in India. Hardships come in all forms and fashion and for me it was not limited to the ability to afford proper dental care. As a child I would study sitting by a candlelight during the blistering summer heats of Delhi without electricity, but it was still not enough to become a “smart child”. However, I kept working hard despite the shortcomings and finally college was where I had found success in my education. Struggles like these both in my personal as well as educational journey has taught me about persevering towards my goals despite of circumstances surrounding

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