Demographics And Social Characteristics Of Women Essay

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Demographics and Social Characteristics My name is Veronica Kozman, I am twenty-three years old and I was born in Miami Beach, Florida. I am Egyptian and speak Arabic fluently. I enjoy playing basketball, cooking, playing outside with my dog, and shopping. People say that I am a very organized person, dependable, and open-hearted to others. I strive to always have a positive mindset, no matter what the circumstances maybe. I grew up in a middle class family. Both my parents migrated from Egypt in their late teen because they wanted to have a better opportunity. The president at the time, Ronald Regan was allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants. When my parents found out, they decided to make the big move together. Coming to America with no degrees, meant they had to work twice as hard to find a stable job. When my parents had my sister and I, their marriage continued to go well.
It was not until the age of six, when my parents decided to get a divorce. Going through a divorce at a young age was difficult to comprehend why my parents were unhappy. My parents’ divorce was one of the hardest times in my life, and devastated my sister and I. As I got older and wiser, the reasoning behind parents’ divorce made me realize how couples can be married to one another, yet still be unfaithful. At the time, having custody battles one after the other made me have resentment towards my parents. I could not help but wondering, would my parents’ divorce have an effect or impact on my…

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