Stages Of Delay Behavior

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Delay behavior is the act of delaying of seeking the treatment for recognized treatment. The treatment can be delay when a patient does not want to be treated by doing the necessary test such as blood test, body check-up at the hospital and this may affect them in their life when they occur in a serious illness.

The stages of delay behavior are Appraisal Delay, Illness Delay, Behavioural Delay and Medical Delay.

Firstly, appraisal delay is the time between of recognizing which a symptom is being exists and decided that the symptom is serious, or the time taken to decide that a symptom is serious. For appraisal stage, patient will think that their illness is not very serious, therefore they take a longer time to accept their symptoms
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For example, Janet should receive treatment immediately from the hospital so that she will not delay her treatment due to her illness will be worsen. Hence, she will need to make appointment at the hospital immediately so that the doctors can treat her illness. The likely causes of medical delay is Janet does not have the time to treat her illness because she has no social support from her family or friends, therefore she tries to delay her illness when her illness comes to worse. She does not want to treatment her illness because she is worried about the hospital fee of her treatment at the hospital, and she scared that she has insufficient savings to pay for her hospital fee due to financial …show more content…
Firstly, Health Promotion Board can organise health body check-up monthly at around her place so that Janet can have time to do her full-body check-up at the place. This can allow her to do her check-up so that she can know her illness conditions on whether she is healthy fit or not. Secondly, Janet’s family or friends should show care to Janet by pursuing Janet to go for full body check-up monthly so that Janet can know her condition well on whether is she sick or not. If she is sick, Janet’s family or friends can accompany her to the hospital to go for her treatment before her condition is being worse. Lastly, the government can help the needy people who have financial problem such as giving subsidies to the needy people to pay for their hospital fee.

In conclusion, people will go through the four stages of delay behaviour because they will have the fear or worried of the treatment to cure their illness based on their condition. I feel that the four stages of delay behaviour will affect in my life when I fall sick or I occur to serious illness. If I occur to serious illness, I should not delay my treatment, hence I will need to cure the illness immediately so that my condition will not

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