Zoe's Trauma Analysis

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The documentary explicitly shows how a past Zoe’s traumas and they could be overcome, even though, it could present many barriers through the child stages while they are going through so many changes. In this documentary it present the different stages that the children went through .The first stage that it present, Zoe, is in her life stage of late childhood- in which this is the stage of ingenuity just like the documentary shows .Zoe, is in the learning stage of learning new social and technical techniques that enables a child to develop ways in finding solution to situation. Having these sets of skills in this stage children could learn how to find other solutions to their problem or situations. Having skills of cleverness will provide
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Child stages, shift over time, are based according to different theories, especially, Piaget,(1987) in which he emphasizes the four stages in which children develop their sensory ,concrete, pre - operational stage, operational ,concrete stage, and formal operational stage. Children goes through cognitive development that is needed for interpersonal social skills .If this stages are not completed shift in stage will determine lack of skills such as competence and lack of …show more content…
The family court in this instances are failing in providing protection for children.
When terminating parental rights it should be done when the parents can really be proven that they will not meet the requirements that are needed in order for a parent to protect a child. If a child is place in continuous danger in which a parents put a risk a child safety by not providing the minimum requirements of basic necessity and protecting their child in all kinds of way in these cases a child should be removed. Keeping in mind that making a decision by removing a child there are consequences that should be taken into account.
In this documentary one of the message was that by removing a child bad environment and behaviors and other factors that are not healthy will improve and contribute for a child to continue their complete developmental stages life cycle. Zoe, foster mother set an example on how a person could decide what they want in life. She was a teacher and guided Zoe into becoming a shining

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