Essay on Definitions And Requirements Of Physical Education

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Definitions and Requirements of Physical education.
Physical education is defined as the “curricular area that teaches about physical activity” (Burgeson 1). In this sense, it is different from just physical activities. Here, in the United States for example, it is agreed that students may be physically active in activities such as basketball, football, and other sports and recess. But this does not eliminate the need for physical education as an institutional program. The elements of a good physical education program include learning policies, effective and practical content, good instruction and critical student and program assessment. This essay looks at the merits, history and the status of physical education and teaching it.
The results of a good physical education program are strong development of motor skills within or coming from established sports, basic to advanced understanding of the concepts and the body movements and training methods in the program. The basis of physical activity is also behavioral; the participants should value physical exercise, behave in a responsible manner in the physical activity areas and maintain health and fitness through regular exercise. This is based on certified trained professionals who have received a minimum level of training with an initial recognized qualification and ongoing training and professional development. Some minimum levels may be expected, for example a minimum number of minutes training for specific skills (Kohl…

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