Definition And Description Of Analytic Criteria Essay

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Description of Analytic Criteria
The first analytic criterion applied to the eligibility portion of the policy HR 4980 is adequacy. When applying adequacy to the policy, the main question is whether or not eligibility of the policy is sufficient enough to improve the social problem surrounding sexually trafficked children. (Chambers & Wedel, 2009). The HR 4980 Policy protects and prevents eligible foster care children and at risk youths from sex trafficking. Therefore, when evaluating the eligibility of children and youth under this policy, having enough coverage is important for children now and in the future to ensure security and safety of all foster care system children.
The next criterion used to analyze the benefits portion of the HR 4980 policy is fit. The main assessment when fit is applied to the benefits portion of the policy, focuses on the key issue of preventing sex trafficking and strengthening families. It is critical to make sure that the policy is directly tackling the problem. (Chambers & Wedel, 2009). The benefits of the policy are designed to protect the child from trafficking and to increase family relationships that would therefore prevent trafficking. It is essential to examine how well the objective of the policy is linked to the problem that it is trying to address.
Application of Analytic Criteria
Looking at the eligibility of this policy I would suggest that it is not adequate because the policy should address other…

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