The Brothers Family In Ain 'T No Makin' It By Jay Macleod

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People everywhere need some sort of inspiration or motivation to make positive decisions in life. In Ain’t No Makin’ It, Jay MacLeod, immerses himself in Clarendon Heights to study the aspirations of the Brothers and Hallway Hangers. He is able to see how the families of the Brothers shape their lives. From having adult male figures to adults who have completed high school and even college in the family, the Brothers lives are steered in a positive direction. The family as a social institution has provided the Brothers with people who can motivate them to do well in school and as well as people who can show them their goals are achievable.
The family being a social institution has an accepted way of doing things, recognized people who do them
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From members in the family being an example to follow and someone to motivate the brothers, they make high aspirations for themselves. Like the Hallway Hangers the Brothers come from very low income families in a run-down city, yet their achievements and aspirations are different. Super tells James Macleod that, “One thing I know they want me to do, they’re always sayin’ is finish school. They want me to go to college” (MacLeod 60). Super explains that his parents encourage him to do well in school and even to go to college after. Not only is it reminding them to do well in school but it boosts their work ethic as they see there is a reason to try. The role of parents in a family is to nurture their children, and the Brothers parents have done so by supporting and developing hopeful ambitions in the Brothers. The Brothers families have shaped their lives in a positive way by providing someone they can follow as an example and look up to. They have an adult male figure being either a father or older brother and an adult figure who has completed high school and some college in their families. MacLeod describes Craig’s family saying, “His two older sisters have been very successful academically… His brother is in his second year at a technical college. One of the older sisters, who was a straight-A student in high school is studying medicine at a local college” (Macleod 55). Craig has these role models in his home to look up to and follow. Achievement in his home is common and something they value. Craig’s family as an institution has shaped his views on his future. He now looks to go to college and get a well-paying and respected job. Although he will be taking a different path than his siblings might have taken he still has a supportive group of people encouraging him to finish school and achieve high career

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