The Descendants - A Clinical Competency Review Essay

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The Descendants – A Clinical Competency Review
Cynthia Evon Banks Murray
Argosy University – Inland Empire
PC6022 – Family Therapy Counseling
August 14, 2014
James Cephas, PsyD

The Descendants – A Clinical Competency Review
This paper will perform a biopsychosocial assessment of the King family, ascertain which family therapy theory would lead to the best outcome, and develop an effective treatment plan.
Reason for Referral
The King family of Honolulu, Hawaii is made up of husband/father, Matthew – age 50, and wife/mother, Elizabeth – age 50. They have two daughters, Alex – age 17 and Scottie – age 10. The King family has come into therapy because of Alex and Scottie’s increasingly troubled behaviors that escalate after their mother is placed on life support from a boating acccident.
History of Present Illness
Matthew “Matt” King – Age 50 Matt’s comment, “I 'm the backup parent. The understudy” succintly describes his relationship with his daughters, Alex and Scottie. A workaholic lawyer, he is not close to his daughters and seemingly is unaware of the growing rift between himself and his wife, Elizabeth. Although sole trustee of a family trust that control 25,000 acres on Kaua’i that is worth millions, Matt states, “I don 't want my daughters growing up entitled and spoiled. And I agree with my father - you give your children enough money to do something but not enough to do nothing.” This attitude leads to accusations by his wife and father-in-law of being too…

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