Prevalence Of Child-Parent Conflicts In Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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Prevalence of Child-Parent Conflicts
Conflicts between parents and children occur for various reasons including ecological factors. It is exceptionally common for parents to modulate their levels of investment depending on respective children’s unique qualities such as gender (Marco Del Giudice). In Only Daughter, Sandra Cisneros highlights the challenges associated with growing up as an isolated child in a Mexican-American family. As an only daughter in a family of nine members, the author outlines her struggle to achieve recognition from a father who seemed to value male children at the expense of daughters. The author’s father rarely referred to Sandra Cisneros as her daughter. Instead, he usually asserted that he had seven sons as opposed
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As a result of this, her brothers never interacted freely with her making her spent most of her time alone. It is this isolation that prompted her to pursue her dream as a writer in an attempt to prove her significance in the male dominated family setup. In reference to her father, the author asserts that despite being the only daughter, her father usually made her get the impression that she was “only a daughter” in the family (Cisneros). Her father’s perception played an integral part in encouraging her to achieve significant milestones in order to earn his approval. Perhaps due to his Mexican heritage, Cisneros father perceived male children as being comparably beneficial to him as compared to a daughter. According to him, Sandra’s key goal in life ought to have been finding a husband and proceeding to raise her own family. Consequently, when Cisneros decides to pursue higher education, her brothers think it is funny. Her father on the other hand, allows her to go to college since he believes that college would present his daughter with an opportunity to meet a potential partner (Cisneros). When Cisneros completes her education and still remains unmarried, her father asserts that she had wasted all her education …show more content…
Instead, the child-parent conflict is a considerably common phenomenon in numerous family settings across the world. As opposed to popular perceptions, it is considerably difficult for families across the globe to practice indiscriminate parental investment regardless of children’s characteristics (Marco Del Giudice). In the majority of family settings, parents must grapple with the need to allocate limited resources in a wise manner. As a result of this, parents tend to channel their investment towards children with the highest potential of achieving predetermined targets. It is essential to appreciate the fact that even in benign surroundings; parents categorize their children based on various unique groups based on certain individual

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