Essay on Defining Myself : A Successful Life And Career

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The challenge to define myself is imperative to a successful life and career. If I do not understand my natural personality traits, my ability to adapt, lead, and love others will always be lacking. The leveraging of personality analysis tools and real life examples are critical to the process. The process requires that I be self-critical to identify shortcomings and failures in life. The overall goal being to determine how each of my personality types interact with one another and how to integrate these with people of different personality types. In addition to civilian workplace demands, as a Christian, I represent God in all that I do. There is no room for excuses for why I fail, only opportunity to embrace the differences of others in order to accomplish the mission of living life to the fullest. I will explore who I am based on real life examples, how I interact with others, and ways to apply new knowledge to become an even more successful military and civilian leader.

Hutson Personality Analysis Project 1 The below analysis is divided into two sections. The first is based on a personality test of 72 questions I took called the Jung Typology Test (Jung). The test determines how different individuals view the world and interact with it naturally (Jung). The second portion of analysis discussed is based on organizational behavior and how I interact with others in a work atmosphere.
Step 1
The first of my four preferences is hinged on doing…

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