Deception, Deceit, And Beauty Essay

2170 Words Nov 27th, 2014 9 Pages
Lying is Nobel only when it is not for selfish reasons; if it is for the betterment of someone else that is a true Nobel act; nobility establishes relationships, deception, and beauty. Lying is a false statement that is intended to deceive someone however all forms of deception are not lies. The information given to someone is untrue, it is intended for the other person to feel trusted when they are with them. A lie communicates some sort of information, now a lie can also have truth in it too, just the amount of it, is worth more for someone else. The idea of preserving someone’s integrity and lying is that deception can be helpful if it is used to help someone else. We are taught from a young age to not be selfish, and be honest but we are also told to not say anything that is not nice is this not lying to yourself. We all do the occasional white lie, whether it is telling a girlfriend she does not look fat in those jeans or just not giving enough information in the truth like telling your parents you are going out tonight. We tell white lies to not hurt someone’s feelings or to not make someone worried. Plato describes lies in two ways in The Republic; one type of lie is improper to tell, the other lie is accepted because it is told at the right time. For example when a government knows there might be a very bad snow storm coming, and they just say it will okay, bundle up but in reality it might not be. As humans we tell lies to ourselves all the time, when we are…

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