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Functions of Client and Service Department in
Context of Ogilvy Bangladesh
Mahmuda Sarker
ID: 10104179
BRAC Business School

An Internship report submitted of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Business Administration

Suntu Kumar Ghosh
Assistant Professor
BRAC Business School
BRAC University

September 07, 2014

Suntu Kumar Ghosh
Assistant Professor
BRAC Business School
BRAC University

Subject: Submission of internship report
Dear Sir:
During my internship attachment with Ogilvy & Mather Bangladesh, I have learnt a lot and I had been given the responsibility to not only look after one account, but work with several accounts like Unilever, Bkash, Edison Properties, Symphony, Aarong, Mi-amore,
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I would especially like to thank my Internship supervisor, Suntu Kumar Ghosh
Sir for being so supportive the entire time. I am extremely grateful to everyone at Ogilvy
Bangladesh for being so warm in their approach and for bestowing such responsibility on me all the while making me feel completely at ease. They made the transition from student life to a working life extremely easy. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who helped me in conducting my research by taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss with me on the various issues. Without them I never would have been able to complete my project. A special thanks to:

Mohammad Yusuf, Associate Account Director, Ogilvy Bangladesh
(Accounts: Symphony)

Minhaz Huda, Senior Account Executive, Ogilvy Bangladesh
(Accounts: Symphony, Edison Properties, B-Kash )

Foyzul Kabir Morshed, Account Executive, Ogilvy Bangladesh
(Accounts: Unilever, Mi- Amore)

Executive Summary
Over the years, brand promotional strategies and advertising techniques have changed radically; mostly to cope with the changes in how consumers view and perceive things and to stand out in the clutter of today’s advertising efforts. Marketers and creative agencies are increasingly moving away from the generic advertising methods which mostly included TV and Radio commercials, activations and in case of Bangladesh, a whole lot of billboards.
While marketers are realizing the importance of

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