Sony Music Talent And Acquisition Case Study

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Talent and Acquisitions: Recruiting Interns and Full Time Employees
Recruiting Full Time Employees
I assisted Sony Music’s talent and acquisition team with recruiting candidates for full time position and internships. When recruiting for full time positions, I identified several candidates on LinkedIn and compiled them into candidate decks. Before I performed a LinkedIn search, I discussed with a TA member the job description criteria of a particular job position. Depending on the position, the criteria required candidates to be in a nearby location, hold a senior level job position, possess a degree in a certain major, and have certain previous work experiences. After agreeing on the criteria, I used Sony Music’s LinkedIn recruiter account
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During these weekly meetings, I listened to TA members discuss their recruitment methods and progress with filling open positions. I developed a broader perspective of Sony Music’s recruitment operations because these meetings included TA members from Sony Music’s offices in Nashville, Beverly Hills, and Miami. Although my tasks were limited to recruiting candidates for full time positions, I expanded my role in Sony Music’s talent and acquisition department by prescreening all students who were interested in the company’s internship …show more content…
What have you learned that will help you in your future?
2) What has been your favorite internship?
3) How do you think your education and previous internship experiences relate to an internship with Sony Music?
4) What would a previous supervisor say about you if you were to ask for a reference?
5) What areas would a previous supervisor say you should continue to develop?
6) What is your favorite genre of music and artist?
After writing their responses on an interview cover sheet, I assigned students two scores. I first assigned students an individual numerical score between 1-3—1 is the most competitive while 3 is the least competitive. To assign this score, I considered students’ experiences, skills, interview response, and potential fit in one of Sony Music’s corporate departments or record labels. I then assigned students an overall ranking that compared their competiveness to the general applicant pool on a given day. These two scoring systems were intended to accelerate and simplify the recruitment process for hiring managers and TA managers who may not have time to review all students who were interviewed on a particular

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