Ddb Worldwide Mission Statement

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To: Professor Timke Date: March 9, 2018
From: Hannah Der Subject: DDB Worldwide

DDB Worldwide is one of the largest and top ranking agencies in the world. Since its inception, DDB Worldwide has influenced advertising in America. By looking at the agency’s history, general profile, areas of specialty, and key advertising campaigns, we can advocate how and why DDB Worldwide continues to be cited as the most highly regarded agencies across the globe. Furthermore, by specifically looking at the work Bill Bernbach made during his time at DDB, we can pinpoint how he impacted the advertising world through his unique approach involving human nature and creative strategies.

In 1949, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle, and Mac Dane founded
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The agency has over 200 offices located in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Brazil, Paris, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, India, Australia, and many more. DDB Worldwide is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group Inc. On February 7, 2018, Wendy Clark was named President and CEO of DDB Worldwide. DDB Worldwide employs roughly over 10,000 people. According to Hoovers, in 2017, they had a revenue of $303.086 million. Their competitors include: J. Walter Thompson Company LLC, Leo Burnett Company, Inc., and McCann …show more content…
Because it is owned by Omnicom Group Inc., it holds the title of being one of largest advertising holding companies in the world. DDB Worldwide continues to bring in the awards in terms of being one of the most creative agencies in the world. Some of their accolades include: Most Awarded Commercials in the World 2016 , #1 Most Effective Agencies in China , 44 honors at the 2017 Clio Awards , and many more. Along with iconic campaigns such as the Volkswagen “Think Small” campaign, DDB Worldwide has and continues to influence advertising in America. By turning advertising into a science, DDB Worldwide revolutionized how advertisers think and use human nature. From pioneering the concept of leveraging creativity in advertising campaigns to Bernbach declaring, “word of mouth is the best medium of all,” DDB Worldwide has made advertising something people talked about and still continue to talk about

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