Daycare Comes to Northville Essay

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Northville, a medium-sized city in the midwestern part of the United States, has experienced a significant change in the composition of its municipal work force of 1,800 employees. Approximately thirty-five percent of the city employees are now female. In a recent survey of city employees, over forty percent have said that "affordable daycare for children" was important to them. Meanwhile Director of the Office of Personnel Mary Lux has become increasingly convinced that the lack of affordable daycare is one of the main
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Mayor Spark just asked you to "run some numbers" so that she can take a look at the arrangement that was just negotiated between Ms. Lux, Mr. Legato, and Ms. Nemet. You should prepare the budget in a spreadsheet. Since Mayor Spark may ask you some questions about the day care budget, you should prepare the budget using parameters and as many formulas as possible. A well-designed (and flexible) spreadsheet will simplify your task later. Complete the following tasks and provide the tables and a brief one-page memo describing your findings: 1) Prepare the baseline 2000 monthly budget for the daycare. (You can assume a calendar year.) Determine the total surplus and deficit for each month. 2) Suppose the child/staff ratio were changed to the maximum allowed by law. What impact would this have on the budget? 3) What would happen to the deficit if the enrollment increased by only 5 percent per month for all months? 4) What other changes can be made to balance the budget? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these changes? Produce a balanced budget and defend your choice of changes.


DAYCARE COMPUTER EXERCISE, PART 2 It is now September of 2000, and the daycare center has been successfully operating for 8 months. The demand for daycare has been as strong as anticipated, with enrollment growing by 5 percent per month and significant unmet demand. While most of the parameters used to construct the 2000 budget were

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