Date: January 12, 1996 to: All Employees of Denver Branch from: Leonard Schwartz, Branch Manager Subject: New Loss-Prevention System

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DATE: January 12, 1996
TO: All Employees of Denver Branch
FROM: Leonard Schwartz, Branch Manager
SUBJECT: New Loss-Prevention System

As you may have recently heard, lately we received news from the corporate headquar­ters of the company that it would be in the best interest of the entire company to pay more attention to matters of preventing accidents and any other safety-related measures that affect the workplace, including both office and field activities related to all types of jobs that we complete. Every single employee in each office at every branch needs to be ever mind­ful in this regard so that he is most efficient and effective in the daily performance of his everyday tasks that relate to his job responsibilities such that
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It is my great pleasure to announce to all of you that effective in the next month (February) I will give a monthly safety award of $100 to the individual branch employee at any level of the branch who comes up with the best, most useful suggestion related to safety in any part of the branch activities. Today I will take the action of placing a suggestion box on the wall of the lunchroom so that all of you will have easy access to a way to get your suggestions for safety into the pipeline and to be considered. As an attachment to the memo you are now reading from me I have provided you with a copy of the form that you are to use in making any suggestions that are then to be placed in the suggestion box. On the last day of each month that we" work, the box will be emptied of the completed forms for that month, and before the end of the following week a winner will be selected by me for the previous month's suggestion program and an announcement will be placed by me to that effect on the bulletin board in the company workroom.
If you have any questions in regard to the corporate safety program as it affects our branch or about the suggestion program that is being implemented here at the Denver office at McDuff, please do not hesitate to make your comments known either in memorandum form or by

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