Dans Obseity Essay

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An overview of social policies in the UK for obesity

In recent years the emphasis on obesity as a health crisis has become more apparent than ever. Obesity can be defined as, ‘… a condition in which weight gain has reached the point of seriously endangering health,’ (National Audit Office, 2001, pg.7) Obesity is calculated using BMI, (body mass index) which takes into account the height and weight of the individual.The issue causes concern for the health sector as it leads to illnesses such as cardio vascular disease and type 2 diabetes resulting in a further strain on hospitals. Globally in 2005, there was said to be an estimated 1.6 million overweight adults and a further 400 million that were obese (World Health
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Despite this, the two years on report (2010) states that the rise in the numbers of obese children has started to level off. Alongside this campaign the Department of Health introduced ‘Change4life,’ in November 2008. This consists of a three year campaign aimed to encourage healthy eating and exercise. Their first advertisement was launched in January 2009 involving cartoon characters demonstrating changes in eating habits. This could be beneficial as it highlights all the main concerns with eating unhealthily, such as fat build up which could lead to heart disease, diabetes and other severe illnesses. By involving cartoons it is likely to draw in children through its entertaining visuals and should increase understanding as it presents the information in a simple way. According to the National Audit Office (2001) the number of obese people in the population increases as you go up the age catagories, therefore this policy seems appropriate as it attempts to decrease the number of children becoming obese, thus lowering figures as they move through the generations. However, a major criticism highlighted by ‘The Lancet’ (2009) is that the advert is far too simple and argues that it is hypocritical as the campaigns’ sponsors involve Pepsi, a product which the advert is ultimately trying to defer people away from. Depending on how

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