Lindall Finley Wortham Dance Analysis

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The Lindall Finley Wortham Theatre is located on the campus of the University of Houston. It is a well-maintained campus with easy to navigate road, and has spacious parking directly in front of the theatre. It is a small, simple theatre with a cozy feel and comfortable seating. There were only a handful of attendees which made for a very pleasurable afternoon with little distractions during the performances. The seats were slanted down toward the stage and I sat in the center of the theater where I had a perfect view of the show. The Ensemble Dance Works showcase was made up of seven modern dance performances choreographed by various choreographers and performed by the University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance students. The two performances …show more content…
The entire dance consisted of random spins, kicks, lifts, and different types of flips performed on the ground. These are all examples of characteristics of the modern dance style of dance that was used in this performance. The dance also contained swaying arms, explosive leaps, and rolling of the hips and torso. The element of body was visible as one of the performers ran across the stage and leaped into the arms of another. The other dancer raised her over his shoulder and spun in a circle as both her right arm and leg stretched toward the ceiling. The element was also displayed as three of the performers rolled their bodies to the floor while lying flat on their backs. They began to use their feet to either slide themselves or roll in a straight line toward the right side of the stage. This was demonstrated again immediately after as one performers continued lying on the floor at the center of the stage with her back arched while the others danced around her. The female dancers positioned on the ground at the front left side of the stage rose from the floor using slow smooth body rolls displaying the element of force. This element was also seen when the male dancer ran onto stage, leaping into the arms of two female performers in a tight stiff pose. A few dancers came together a couple of minutes into the dance and executed a spin on their right foot with their left arms raised above their head and their right arms stretched behind them in unison with one another. In doing this, they demonstrated the element of time. Shortly after the spin, the same three performers folded their bodies forward at the same time and leaped into the air with both arms stretched behind once again demonstrating the element of time. The choreographer did use a repetition movement in this performance. There were several occasions where the dancers laid on their sides with their arms stretched overhead and their legs spread in a

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