Dalton Mmichael High School Concert Review Essay

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Today I went and visited Dalton McMichael High School Choir on December fifth at six-thirty at night. The event was scheduled for an hour and multiple songs were performed. Students from McMichael were the performers and the performance was absolutely amazing. The choir made up of thirty or more men and women performed almost perfectly. I live in Mayodan, writing for the local newspaper and here is my review of the concert.
The first four pieces were sung by the Vocal Ensemble and this included twenty two men and women. Omnia souls was the first piece performed by the Dalton McMichael choir, a simple melody was played the choir assembled of mostly women gave an excellent performance as which the high vocals were performed beautifully. The
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The second piece that was performed was a Christmas classic and this was A Merry Carol of the Bells written by Jay Rose and it was performed almost perfectly by the choir. The two different pitches used by the choir was beautiful and it made the listener pay attention to all vocals. Two main vocalists began the song which was very powerful and both had voices that had the audience in awe. Throughout the song, you heard the men slowly progress which was absolutely appealing to the ear as it brought in two different pitches. The third piece that was sung was Keep Your Lamps written by Andre Thomas. This piece was much more formal and both men and women sang in harmony with each other. This was the first where both had sang together and it brought together a sense of calming and warmth. The song was written beautifully …show more content…
The first piece named Skye Boat Song by Jay Althouse had a very slow and deep tone as the men slowly sang the words. The women then came in with full force and blew away the audience. At the end, vocals by Jordan Graham were amazing as he finished the final piece. The second piece performed was the First Noel/Pachelbel’s Canon by Pachelbel and Clawson and this piece was much slower than the rest of the songs as it felt relaxing and the voices of the singers blended together to create a beautiful harmony. Sitting on the right side I was able to hear the men singing better and that blended well because the men were singing much quieter than the women. This song at the end was praised by a man stating “that was beautiful” at the end. Transitioning to Shenandoah by Linda Spevack, the women sang softly as the melody rose. It felt as if the room was in full awe of the music. At the beginning, seven women stepped off the stands and sang a beautiful solo. After the solo everyone came together and when the chorus was sang, the entire choir sounded in perfect harmony. The beautiful piano in the background blended in with the choir so well that it sounded as if someone was playing a track off of an album. The next piece performed was Long Time Ago by Joseph Martin, and this piece was another soft and calm song. Just women in the beginning singing very soft and slow gave way to a

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