DSS Decision Report: Geographical Information Systems In The Coca Cola Corporation

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Figure 4: DSS Decision Report Correspondingly, there are other ways IT utilizes to make decisions other than GDDS, AI, and DSS. To begin with, Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used to support decision-making by working with spatial information. Expert systems utilize AI systems but apply reasoning abilities to derive conclusions. Neural networks, on the other hand, use an intelligence system, which can study and differentiate patterns. Lastly, genetic algorithms still use the AI technology that gives excellent solutions to a task or problem by mimicking the survival-for-the-fittest technique (Taylor, 2000). Singularly, the Coca Cola Company must keenly evaluate how the adoption of these technologies can affect decision-making within the corporate structure. For instance, branch managers can only be accorded with the authority of investing in these technologies after they have been understood and analyzed their economic viability. If it is too expensive or takes much time coming up with the needed goals, then the headquarters can come in and decide the course of action. On the bottom line, access to company databases and advanced software utilities brings behavioral autonomy for low-level workers. …show more content…
However, there is a number of challenges the company is facing, such as loyalty, which should be tackled by the company intensifying its distribution move. Distribution, convenience stores, and retail centers must be plenty in densely-populated areas. Promotions and incentives are necessary, and some retail stores can earn discounts, which in turn should give customers discounts during certain periods. Further, the use of billboards and catchy region-based music can pull customers. Eventually, more customers will be attracted to the Coca Cola brand with hopes of good future business

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