Cyber Bullying Research Paper

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Cyber Bullying is the use of an electronic device in order to bully, by sending threatening or even intimidating messages. In this modern age where all teenagers have access to technology it is now fairly common that bullying takes place even outside of school and into the digital world. Bullying and Cyber Bullying is no different than each other because the end result is harming the victim’s self-esteem or even their own character. Examples of cyber bullying include mean text messages or emails, embarrassing pictures or videos, and even a blog post that is on a popular on a social media website that is targeting a specific individual with an abundant of audiences. Cyber Bullying has its own effects, statistics, trolling on various people and web pages, and what we can do to even prevent cyber-bullying. …show more content…
Young teenagers who are exposed to this type of behavior are more likely to take alcohol and drugs for relief, skip school, and even jeopardize their academic performance. (King) A significant factor about this is when someone commits the activity of cyber-bullying they can choose to be anonymous to hide their identity with a random screen name so they don’t get caught with the people they are targeting. (Harkins) As a result, a loss of self-confidence on the person can be hard for

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