Cyber Bullying Vs Traditional Bullying Research Paper

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Cyberbullying v.s. Traditional

You are making a video for the internet. After you post it you scroll down and look at the comments. You see no positive comments, only mean ones. You read all the comments and absorb what all the people are saying. Ask yourself, which one is worse cyberbullying or traditional bullying? Would you be more in pain if you were being physically bullied?
There are ways you can prevent cyberbullying, in this case you can disable comments, so no one can comment on your video. To prevent cyberbullying from occurring you have to know what you could be getting into. Research more about cyberbullying, as well as how and where it’s most likely to occur. Talk to friends and family about the situation, don’t make it private.
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One type of bully is a bully who grew up with parents who teach them wrong. Another type of bully is one who wants revenge on someone. Other bullies can just be plain mean, or want to impress a parent, teacher, boy or girl. Some other types of bullies can occur when a child wants to be more “popular” or “cool.”
Boys and girls usually bully in different ways. Boys are more known to physically bully a smaller and “weaker” boy. Girls usually bully in words like “fatty” “gross,” things like that. Girls also make fun of other girls outfits or makeup. Larger girls sometimes push, shove, and trip. Girls don’t just make fun of clothes, and some girls can physically bully. Boys punch, kick, and trip, but also make fun of other kid’s clothes.
Traditional bullying can be harder to do because it is out in the open, any teacher could see. Some adults think that kids are going to be kids and they are just playing around, even if that's not the case. Other adults think that when kids are playing it is bullying, even if that’s not the case.
Sometimes adults see when children are getting bullied and stop it right away, unfortunately that doesn’t happen all the time. If children are bullied, but don't tell anyone, that could lead to suicide. “ Bullied victims are 7 to 9% more likely to consider suicide. Approximately 4,400 children commit suicide every year.”

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