Cyber Terrorism : A Threat Of Violence Against The Property Essay example

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Cyber Terrorism is defined as an attack that targets the information held in computers, or a network that leads to a threat of violence against the property or a person (Weimann, 2004). The information that has been exposed on WikiLeaks has damaged careers and the reputation of organizations. These leaks have also exposed information that threaten the relationships of countries. The breaches can be considered acts of Cyber Terrorism, and understanding how to safe guard all organization from these threats is vital.
The Reason behind the Breaches WikiLeaks has released information that has damaged many reputations, including organizations and countries. Nicks (2014) reports that WikiLeaks threated to release information regarding what records the National Security Agency (NSA) has regarding phone calls that took place in another country. WikiLeaks has also released information on organization that WikiLeaks received from insiders of the organization (Ryst, 2011).
Damage can be done from internal and external threats. Yet, many organizations focus on external threats, never thinking an employee may be where their breach comes from. These leaks have brought to light the damage that can be done from insiders. Ryst (2011) reports that almost half of the breaches come from those inside of the organization. This information should have organizations thinking about ways to protect their data from external breaches, and internal breaches. An employee already has access to…

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