Essay On Social Media Pros And Cons

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While most people do not realize how much of an effect social media has on them, studies have shown social media has its pros and cons. Pros being that social media helps connect others easily; the cons are that it helps bullies continue their pestering online any time they want. More than half youth students have been bullied or engaged in bullying over the Internet (“Bullying Statistics”). Some studies have been done on cyberbullying like this US Legal article about the pestering corruption. The National Crime Prevention Council states this type of harassment as “the process of using the Internet, cell phones or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person” (“Cyber Bullying Law & Legal Definition”). …show more content…
Parents only remember being able to escape their bullies when they get home (“Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens”). With the access of the Internet that teens have today, the new trend is cyberbullying. It is easy for bullies to continue their bullying via social media (“Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens”). Although there are many negative effects of social media, some people do not believe social media is completely atrocious. Austin McCann writes, “Has social media ruined teens? I don’t think so. Social media has and is changing the way they live. It is effecting who they are, what they do, and how they interact” (“Negative Impacts of Social Media on Teens”). This being said, cyberbullying can be very serious and causes mental issues. The law has finally realized the impact of this crime. Laws and policies are different in thirty states as of March 2007 (“Cyber Bullying Law & Legal Definitions”). “[Between 2005 and 2006,] eleven states enacted new policies, and four states amended or expanded statues” (“Cyberbullying Law & Legal Definition”). The number of states that try to stop this crime by making laws and policies increases every year. Tennessee is one of the states with law to hopefully help stop the bullying that kids and teens have to deal

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