Essay on Customers : The Goal Of Every Business

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Repeat customers are the goal of every business. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to six times as much as retaining an existing customer. However, the big payoff can come in the amount that repeat customers spend. Recent studies indicate that a second-time buyer spends up to three times as much as a first-time buyer, and customers making three or more purchases spend as much as five times as much as a new customer. When you consider the revenue that loyal shoppers may generate by mentioning your company or brand in their social media posts, it is easy to see that turning customers into repeat buyers is a valuable strategy. What is not as easy to see, however, is how to accomplish this task. The following suggestions can help you achieve your goal of keeping customers coming back and spending more.

• Be convenient. Shoppers who visit online sites want the experience to be easy, seamless and convenient. They dislike having to fill out an extensive form every time they check out. Provide them with customer accounts in which basic information such as their shipping and billing addresses, email address and phone number is automatically entered into the form when the customer logs in and makes a purchase. You might also consider allowing shoppers to log in using their credentials from Google+, Twitter or Facebook.
• Discount shipping instead of products. Research has shown that shoppers react more favorably to a shipping discount that is offered for meeting a purchase…

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