Customer 's Perceptions And Maximizing Customer Satisfactions And Responsiveness

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A customer strategy, which is a carefully conceived plan that results in understanding the customer’s perceptions and maximizing customer satisfactions and responsiveness (Manning et. al, 2014), is a important strategic factor because it gives us as sellers a chance to collect data to help us understand our customers’ buying process and behavior.
Understanding Buyer Behavior:
Understanding your customers’ buying behavior is one of the elements that helps to be successful (Oakes). Knowing the difference between consumer and business buyer behavior is also very important because a business buyer is making purchases based on technical specification, and the consumer is often making purchases based on brand reputation or personal recommendations, knowing what type customer market you are selling to can help you further adapt your products to meet the needs of that customer base.
Knowing the buying situation will also help the seller understand buyer behavior. Business buyers use three situations; new-task buy, straight rebuy, and a modified rebuy. Knowing this information will allow the seller to provide outstanding service after the sale and anticipate changes in customer needs (Manning et. al, 2014). Consumer buying situations are very different, they involve customer involvement and brand differences, the buying situations are, habitual, variety-seeking, and complex. It’s important to understand the situations so as a seller, you can know where your product falls, and you…

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