Customer Service Should Become The Focal Point Of Zeron Essay

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Customer Service should become the focal point of Zeron. Zeron should define and set methodical instruction on how to make “the customer” the focus by defining “customer service”. Once the definition is defined clearly and meets Zeron vision, an implementation plan should be developed. While drawing the plan, Zeron should consider both internal and external customers. Internal customers are not limited Zeron’s staff in the billing department, the technicians and call center agents, but include the leaders/management teams. External customers are the end-users of cable services. Zeron organizational function consists of many independent unitss, and each functional unit has to work with the other functional unit, taking inputs from one another and turn them into external customer service. If every functional unit within Zeron’s organization works together, there will be better service, and then the external customer will receive a higher quality service and in the long term helps the company build, its reputation.
Recommendations to define customer service:
Understanding the complaint(s) - Changing the customer service culture, should start with an understanding of complaints. Complaints are part and parcel of customer service. With the competition, customer expectations are constantly changing and because of that reason, problems not know will continue to rise. Knowing there is a continuous change in external customer needs, Zeron should carry out a plan to educate/train…

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