Customer Service At A Fast Food Restaurant Essay

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cashier in a fast food restaurant must have skills in customer service, organization, computer, and math. Customer service skills are needed because a cashier is the face of the company. If the cashier does not handle customers well, the company will do poorly. Organizational skills come in handy because the cashier needs to keep all orders straight. Computer skills are important because most cash registers are computerized. Lastly, math skills are needed in case the computer fails or makes an error you can correct it. All these skills make up the input in a job. These skills must be met or the activities and outputs will lack greatly. With these input in place, the activity of the business boils down to the tasks the employee will do with these skills. The cashier will take the orders, help make some of the orders, pass the orders out, and more. If all these tasks are met the output for the company will increase greatly. The output involves the customers being happy with their service and receiving all the right items. The output will also be measured in the amount of sales the company receives.

a. Managers in businesses back in the day had to deal with people and one on one interactions. However, as time goes on, technology has grown and changed the way manager have to think. Nowadays, managers have to be equipped with sills involving the technology. More and more of the organization and make up of companies is going digital. Managers have to keep up with this change…

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