Customer Retention And New Customer Acquisition Essay

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1.CRM is the business process that collecting customer information, making customer segments and understanding customers’ preference to develop products and services that can meet customers’ needs. The aim of CRM is to make more effective interaction with customers and develop a strong customer relationship over time. A successful CRM program can help a enterprise to increase customers’ loyalty and target the most profitable customers; it is so important because current customer retention and new customer acquisition are the keys for business.
Deliver a CRM program to:
a.Highly educated, upper income seniors: understand their preference previously, make customized products and services; long-term follow up and use flexible contact channels; provide exclusive service experience.
b.Seniors who are neither highly educated nor high income: implement loyalty program, offer affordable and high cost-effective products and services continually.
c.Working couples, no children: predict their needs; obtain customer information and analyze customer behavior and trends; provide convenient service experience.
d.Families with 2-3 children: identify different needs for all kinds of family members; make diversified management.
e.Young single professionals, no children: using multiple channels to communicate with customers and get their comments; reward constantly.

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