Customer Profile Of Honeyspot Pizza 5 Essay

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Client Profile
Honeyspot Pizza 5 is a family restaurant located at 605 Main Street Monroe CT, 06468. They currently employ a total of 8 employees which include two chefs, one call attender and five delivery drivers.The product they primarily sell is various types of pizza however in addition they sell burgers, salads, and appetizer items. The restaurant is able to accommodate dine-in, take out, delivery and online ordering.
Honeyspot Pizza 5 was established in July 2013, however their ecommerce business did not commence till August 2015. On a daily basis sales for the restaurant total approximately $600. These sales include dine-in, take-out and online orders. Given that we obtained this information from employees directly were not able to get details on the breakdown by the various options for dinning to determine which is the most profitable.
The website for Honeyspot Pizza 5 is
It was created on August 11, 2015 and since then has only been updated twice. The basic function of the website is to provide contact information, directions the menu and allow for online ordering. The website is being maintained and updated by one of the employee who is working under “Honeyspot Pizza” as Website Developer.
We were able to obtain 3 screenshots via the Internet Wayback machine on the date the site was created and then saved: August 11, 2015, September 12, 2015 and November 1, 2015(Appendix 1, 2 and 3).The page remained exactly the same…

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